Community Medication Assistance

Providing better access to prescription drugs

Located in the United Way Building at 1531 13th Street, Suite G900, Columbus, Indiana. The Community Medication Assistance Program (CMAP) provides services to Bartholomew County residents to help obtain prescription medications. Help may be in the form of financial assistance, paperwork assistance to access pharmaceutical programs, and assistance accessing local resources.

The Medication Assistance Program supports two key areas. The Emergency Program provides support for urgent and immediate medical need while the Chronic Program provides support for ongoing disease management. In both cases, the work is supported by nurses who meet with clients, help determine eligibility, manage the paperwork for accessing pharmaceutical programs for indigent patients and provide compassion and care in addition to medications. As well, a partnership with Kroger Pharmacy has allowed us to serve up to 25% more clients.

Contact Information (appointments are required)

Thrive Alliance (Aging and Community Services)
The United Way Center
1531 13th Street; Suite G900
Columbus, Indiana 47201
Phone: 812-372-6918
Hours: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday



  • Darby Cox, R.N.
  • Sharon Fulkerson, R.N.


Action Team Members

  • Jan Bruner
  • Dave Dwyer
  • Fran Hessler
  • Ben Jackson
  • Tim Jarnagin
  • Elizabeth Kestler
  • Heather Lewis
  • Liz Lipson
  • Sean McAlister
  • Beth Morris
  • Teresa Seeley
  • Roxanne Stallworth
  • Cheri Wildridge
  • Ursula Williams

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(812) 376 - 5452


2400 E. 17th Street
Columbus, IN 47201

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